Tuesday, November 25, 2008

There are so many things in life to be thankful for that they are too numerous to list. I am appreciative of the love of friends and neighbors, those who show they care through unseen and unspoken acts of kindness. For the support of family far and near. I am grateful that we are employed and have all the abundant comforts of home,commodities and even some of our wants fulfilled. For our blended step family who are now at long last mature enough to be civil and get along. Even a few that choose to call the other by the address of brother or sister. For our newly adopted daughter, we are beginning all over again and it is a beautiful thing! I never got to see my darling hubby with an infant, watching him with her only endears my heart to him more. It is exciting to have a child that doesn't evoke a yours and mine attitude, wow what a huge difference this alone makes. Oh sure, there are plenty of things to worry about and get bogged down about, but we deal with those in faith, hope and love. All is as it should be, the way God intended. We feel his blessing in our lives and relish the love and care he bestows upon us daily. True this nation is going off in a direction that frightens many, yet we take comfort that what ever comes whatever occurs happens for a reason, I believe God is at the helm and no matter the size of storm or white squall we will find something good of it. What we put out into the universe will return upon us a thousand fold. I choose to love and forgive and be patient with human beings, we are not any of us finished products, we are as God's sons and daughters a work in progress, we are all loved by God unfeigned. May the choicest blessings be at your Thanksgiving table and always.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wood's a chillin'

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