Friday, February 02, 2007

Well, it has been a month since I created my first post. Laura says "Mommy you should write again" So at her request I have been exploring how to post all by myself, not that I am completely computer illiterate, but also a bit shy about this community thought/feeling share stuff.
I fear I will be a bore to all who visit my blog. Bare with I hope to get the hang of it soon.
Dropped 5.1 lbs Equal to One Sack of Potatoes!
Like many of you I too have been trying to lose a few pounds. I successfully dropped 5.1 lbs last month. Slow going but I like it that way.
My mature and experienced advice girls?... Lose it now while you are under 30.
After 30 it is like trying to get the last dab of peanut butter from the bottom of the jar with a short spoon, it can be done, it is frustrating but well worth the persistence!


Emily Kate said...

Oh! Do tell what you've been doing to lose the weight? Laura and Heather are getting me motivated to shed some pounds. Being a school teacher has given me terrible eating habits- I'm always in a hurry and I grab whatever I can find. Naught Emily. So glad you posted again! I miss you! I must come out and see you when Laura's here! Hugs!!

Heather said...

Community thought/feeling share stuff isn't so scary. Love to hear your what you are thinking, what is on your mind(even if it isn't in the blog)! You are doing a great job with your weight, you are always so motivated and driven you are a great inspiration.

BusyMaMa said...

You posted! I'm sorry I've been so distracted! I forgot to send you the link to post. But you figured it out all on your own. Go Mommy! I'm so proud of you for braving blogging and losing weight! I love your determination. Post more! :)

Paulie said...

I like peanutbutter, and I'm almost 30... (one year I'll be 30 that is) but I'm not a girl. Do I still qualify for weight loss? I need to slim back down to around 155 Lbs. that would be about 10 Lbs. off from now... which is good cause I used to weigh 178